Birthday Play by Play

I love a birthday. Wait till this summer when it’s time for celebrating the birth of my kiddos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It.Gets.Crazy. Saturday was my special day and I had such a wonderful, low-key day with my husband, my babies, and some sweet friends.

That morning, I rolled out of bed to a delicious chocolate cake baked by my friend Peggy. The girls were so excited (they get their love of birthdays honest). I thought Ry was going to pee her pants she was so excited about me blowing out a candle. They created a lovely display of the cake and the sweet little play-doh creations they gifted me. (Normally, I wouldn’t share with the world photos of me fresh out of bed, but it was such a sweet moment.)

Instructed to keep my eyes closed.

Couldn’t wish for anything more. So blessed!

Nothing better than chocolate cake at 9 am in my opinion!

One of my gifts – a sweet little blue whale.

We also had a sweet little visitor for the morning, our nephew Luke.

We popped into a local Mexican joint for lunch with my mother-in-law, who came to pick up Luke. Lunch with three kids is always fun – Exhibit A

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cracks me up.

Later we hit up a flea market. I love pillaging to make other people’s trash my treasure. I found a lot of really cool stuff that I have zero room for…

I could have gone crazy on that flea market. But, alas, I did not. I did, however, leave with one little treasure – this lamp, salvaged from Natchez, MS for a whopping $14 – it was a steal. Happy birthday to me. I love it!

I just stuck a lampshade from the lamp that was sitting there before on it, so now project “Find the Perfect Lamp Shade” is underway. When it comes to my house, I will take forever to find something, because I have in my head what I want, and it usually takes quite a while to find it. In fact, I’ve been looking for the perfect lamp for months and have been looking for a new rug for even longer. My OCD qualities won’t let me settle. It’s pretty crazy. All that to say, the makeshift shade will probably drive me crazy, but for now, it’ll work.

That night, we met some friends for dinner at Walker’s Drive In, an establishment in Jackson. Being at Walker’s is the epitome of why I love this city. You can get good food at a nice place while getting that good old fashioned small town vibe. Pop into Walker’s and you’ll most likely see

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someone you know.

Chef Derek Emerson doesn’t disappoint. Nathan ordered the Redfish Anna – arguably the best fish in town – and I got the filet, complete with crisp asparagus (my favorite). I was too busy yapping to take any pics of the food, so I snagged one from Eat Jxn. Read their review of Walker’s here.

Redfish Anna. Delicious as always.

We sat outside on a gorgeous night with some dear friends who were gracious enough to meet us to celebrate with an impromptu dinner. Here are the only two photos I snapped, but it’s a pretty good representation of the fun that was had at our table. These peeps always make for great conversation!

My brother-in-law Joseph and his girlfriend Casey took a break from their all-consuming studying for nursing school. So glad you guys came!

After a fun dinner, we moseyed on over to Parlor Market for dessert. I had the Walk Down Memory Lane, which was served in an adorable little metal lunchbox. How cute is that? The berry pushpop was my favorite!

Realizing how very blessed I am, with an amazing family and the best friends sure makes turning another year older a lot better. It gets better every year!


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  • Monica Bane May 6, 2011 at 3:42 am

    Absolutely gorgeous cake!! That frosting looked like fabric!! I hope it was as delicious as it was beautiful!!!!

  • adwells May 6, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Oh, yes, it was delicious. I probably gained a good five pounds over the weekend.

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